11-th International Conference "Intelligent Data Processing:Theory and Applications 2016"

Federal Research Center «Computer Science and Control» of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology are pleased to announce the 11th International Conference on Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications. Detailed information about the conference is available at the conference website.

Conference participants must submit an abstract and a full version of the paper. Full papers have to be published or accepted for publication in the Machine Learning and Data Analysis journal (JMLDA) or in another peer-reviewed scientific journal.

JMLDA accepts articles in English and Russian. Manuscript submission process description is available at the journal website. It is convenient to start preparing the paper with editing the provided template. The template and all necessary files can be downloaded in the archive.

After the article is accepted for the publishing in JMLDA or in another peer-reviewed scientific journal, the abstract is submitted via the website. Abstract preparation guidelines can be downloaded in archive. Abstracts are submitted in English and Russian and can be the same as the abstract of the full paper. The total length of the abstract should not exceed one page.

Abstracts and full papers submission deadline is September 1.

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