Updates in jmlda-guides.zip archive

The jmlda-guides.zip archive has been modified. Metadata is now placed on the first and last pages of the paper. Encoding of the manuscript is now UTF-8 without BOM. To change the encoding please use Sublime Text or Notepad++ text editors.

It is highly recommended to start preparing the manuscript by editing the provided template. Manuscript template is now available in two languages: for article in Russian and in English.

The author's guidelines, the manuscript template, jmlda.sty package and two BibTeX style files can be found in jmlda-guides.zip archive.

Please pay attention that the signed copy of the copyright transfer agreement has to be presented in the archive along with the paper when it is submitted to the journal.

Copyright transfer agreement is available in two languages, in Russian and in English. You can choose any of these versions when submitting an article.

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