12th International Conference on Intelligent Data Processing

Federal Research Center «Computer Science and Control» of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology are pleased to announce the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications (IDP-2018). The conference will be held from 8 to 12 October 2018 in Italy, Gaeta. Languages for the meeting are English and Russian.

IDP-2018 (Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications) conference is a premier forum that brings together the data science researchers and professionals to discuss, distribute and advance the state of research and development of the data analysis field. The conference offers research and industry tracks in the areas of machine learning, data science, big data analysis, deep learning and computer vision. The IDP-2018 conference facilitates the exchange of insights and innovations between the industry and the academia, each represented by leaders in their respective fields. The event has its roots in the Russian school of mathematics and machine learning. It serves as an enriching interaction point between researchers and business from Russia and the world.

The conference is organized and supported by the Russian foundation for basic research, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Forecsys, Center of Forecasting Systems and Recognition. Details on the mmro.ru.

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