Call for Papers: Machine Learning journal Special Issue on “Data Analysis and Intelligent Optimization with Applications”

The Machine Learning journal invites submissions to a special issue on “Data Analysis and Intelligent Optimization with Applications”. The aim of this special issue is to bring together researchers working in different areas  elated to analytics and/or intelligent optimization. The special issue includes both the theory and the practice of Data Analysis and Intelligent Optimization. Papers devoted to statistical as well as heuristic methods of Machine Learning are welcome. This special issue welcomes papers devoted to optimization problems in Data Analysis and Machine Learning. A non-exhaustive list of topics of interest is given below.


  • Intelligent Optimization,
  • Model Selection and Model Complexity,
  • Predictive Modeling and Optimization,
  • Computational Complexity and Optimization,
  • Pattern Recognition and Classification,
  • Regression and Forecasting,
  • Models of Data and Measurements,
  • Feature Selection,
  • Soft Computing,
  • Learning Theory,
  • Treatment of Imbalanced Data Sets,
  • All kinds of data analysis models (e.g. Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks,
  • Bayesian Networks, Rule Induction and Ensemble Learning).


  • Business applications,
  • Health care applications,
  • Security related applications,
  • Applications in logistics,
  • Computer Vision,
  • Speech Recognition,
  • Information Technologies,
  • Economics and Sociology,
  • Finance and Risk Analysis,
  • Text Mining, Web Mining, and Information Retrieval,
  • Bioinformatics and Chemistry,
  • Medicine and Biology,
  • Earth Science.

The journal publishes carefully refereed papers that deal with all theoretical, computational, and applied aspects. Of special note, readers will find thoughtful examinations of problems arising from applications.

Important Dates

Submission deadline of full papers: December 31st, 2013.However, we encourage early submission and will start the review process as soon as we receive a manuscript.

For more information visit MLJ website.

Author's guide (Preparing of a Tex Submission for Editorial Manager).

Article template and other utils.

In case of any question, please contact by e-mail one of the following guest editors:

  • Süreyya Ozogur-Akyüz Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Bahcesehir University Istanbul, Turkey e-mail:
  • Vadim Strijov Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russia e-mail:
  • Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber Institute of Applied Mathematics Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey e-mail:
  • Richard Weber Department of Industrial Engineering Universidad de Chile Santiago, Chile
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